***Hey, I'm taking the summer off for some traveling and time to design.  Will starting taking orders again this fall, thanks for stopping by!



How do I get one?

Orders typically start with a conversation via the CONTACT section.  Typical points of discussion are what kind of music you like, what style of guitar you play, what pedals you use, which guitars you're wanting to use, desired volume level, cabinets that caught your eye, etc.  Once we have a game plan it just takes a down payment (half the order total) to get the ball rolling.  PayPal, QuickPay and Venmo are all fine.  Once the amp is finished I'll send a few pics over for approval; the remainder of the payment and shipping is due after approval and then the amp will be on its way to you.

If/when I'm ahead on inventory it's up at Reverb.com.  

How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?

I ship FedEx from Chicago (60622), the 1x12" combos are 35-45 pounds and come in a 24"x24"x16" box so you can head to FedEx's website and get a pretty good estimate but typically it's around $75 domestic.  And yes, I ship internationally.  

What's your leadtime?

Four weeks on standard builds.  Sometimes earlier, a little later on custom jobs. 

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Tubes: 90 days

All Other Components and Manufacturing Defects: 10 Years

Do you do mods and/or custom builds? 

Yes.  And yes.  I have a number of solid woods, grill cloths and trims that I like to use but my inventory fluctuates because the materials aren't always readily available.  As for the circuits; I use high-end components that don't require "upgrades" but if there's something different in the existing models you think will work better for your needs I can accommodate.  As for customizing circuits go (or making completely unique amps) I can probably do whatever you'd like, just ask. 

When are you going to copy all those AWESOME vintage amplifier effects and sounds that I need to have!?

As of right now, never.  My design mentality is to keep everything as simple, pure and high quality as possible.  I've designed and made unique reverb/tremolo/vibrato circuits that I would definitely stand behind but the state of music equipment is changing dramatically right now (especially effect pedals) and I believe the modern guitar player is more interested in versatility over a one stop shop type of amplifier.  

I know it's somewhat of a change in design philosophy but I want these amplifiers to act more like a perfect, blank canvas rather than always trying to impose their own sound on the signal.  They have to sound fantastic on their own (obviously) but at the same time take whatever audibly complex signal you can think of and have the amp articulate and enhance that sound rather than fall over itself trying to change it back into it's own.  Sure, dimed vintage and "American/British" clone amps have their place in history but have you ever thrown multiple distortions, reverbs, delays or other combinations of modulated effects into that setting?  Less than awesome.  And as a "shoegaze-inspired" type of guitar player myself I never really cared for that; I wanted my guitar and pedal board to steer the amp rather than the other way around.  So that's why I'm keeping it simple.  For now at least.